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Cybersecurity Solutions

LUMINA is a revolutionary Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform that leverages generative AI for unparalleled operational efficiency. It proactively safeguards your company 24/7.


Stay ahead of threats and keep your business secure. Tailor-made for any industry.


Three-layered Defence Strategy:

Layer 1 / SOC MDR:  Establishes a vigilant shield around your environment, brand, revenue and company integrity. Elevate your defence with 24x7 monitoring from a Security Operations Centre (SOC) coupled with advanced managed detection and response (MDR).

Layer 2 / Data Apps Infra AI-Driven Tools with Automation: Seamlessly integrates best-in-class technology and cutting-edge AI tools across Data, Apps and Infrastructure. Automation becomes a key component, ensuring efficient optimization.

Layer 3 / Automation, Efficient Optimization and Control Layer: Provides a holistic solution, ensuring automated processes, efficient optimization for enhanced performance. Proactively safeguard your company 24/7, with the assurance that the tools are designed to work in your service.

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